8 Oz Cosmo Bullet No Leak PET Fine Mist Trigger Spray Bottles (Black 30 Pack)

8 Oz Cosmo Bullet No Leak PET Fine Mist Trigger Spray Bottles (Black 30 Pack)

$ 59.99

8 Oz Cosmo Bullet No Leak PET Fine Mist Trigger Spray Bottles (Black 30 Pack)

$ 59.99
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  • BLACK LARGE FINE MIST BOTTLE hair care refillable spray mist bottle Bpa Free, Fda approved, Made in USA translucent fragrance spray bottles for hair and feature a unique misting sprayer that makes it easy to body spray your favorite perfume, spritzer, floral water, essential oils, cosmetics, serum. Ideal cologne spray bottle or alcohol spray bottle
  • REFILLABLE SPRAY BOTTLES LOCKING MECHANISM prevents the refillable spray bottles from being used when activated
  • SPRAY MIST BOTTLES ARE TRANSLUCENT and help quickly identify contents inside this 8oz atomizer spray bottle
  • NO LEAK 8OZ MIST BOTTLE SPRAY is beauty spray bottle with reliable screw-on pump mist spray triggers that give you peace of mind
  • OUR 8-OZ MIST SPRAY BOTTLE PROMISE If your body spray bottles for travel become compromised or leak in the first year *even if it is your fault* we'll replace your spray bottles, just let us know

8 OZ spray bottle from MoYo Natural Labs, PET plastic (also known as PETE and designated by a recyclable "1") does not contain BPA. This leakproof plastic spray bottle BPA free set is FDA approved and made in the USA

MoYo Natural Labs plastic spray bottle 8oz, reusable, refillable, washable 8-ounce fine mist spray is a durable spray oil bottle. Industrial strength plastic spray bottle BPA free for liquids can be used for many of your house cleanings, traveling accessories, essential oil, hairspray, and skin care needs including perfume and cologne; a safe plastic water bottle.

Designed to last, MoYo 8 oz plastic bottles will save you money and hassle

Moyo natural labs spray bottle 8 ounces is ideal as a hairdressing spray bottle and a plastic spray bottle for essential oils, and essential skin and body care products.

  • OUR PROMISE! If these mist bottles from MoYo Natural Labs become compromised or leak in the first year, we'll replace your hand spray bottle, even if it is your fault. We're that confident that you'll love your new 8-ounce body spray bottle and will continue to use MoYo 8-oz containers in the future.

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  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 8.5 inches
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