2 Oz Mini Bullet style HDPE Mist Spray Atomizer Bottles TSA Approved and BPA Free - 8 Pack

2 Oz Mini Bullet style HDPE Mist Spray Atomizer Bottles TSA Approved and BPA Free - 8 Pack

$ 13.99

2 Oz Mini Bullet style HDPE Mist Spray Atomizer Bottles TSA Approved and BPA Free - 8 Pack

$ 13.99
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  • HDPE NON TOXIC SPRAY BOTTLE WITH ELEGANT SILVER CAP AND MIST SPRAY PASSES TSA GUIDELINES: Less stress breezing through tsa airport security with hdpe mist sprayer for travel tsa approved
  • NO CLOGS WITH HIGH QUALITY SPRAY HDPE Start using beauty spray bottles you can trust to not jam up when using essential oils or hair product.
  • NO OVERHEATED BOTTLES IN SAUNA OR STEAMROOM. Have confidence you can touch and spray at the spa with well designed MoYo Natural Lab spray bottles where room temp is hot.
  • SECURE AND SNUG SILVER OVER-CAP SPRAY MIST BOTTLE gives you leak proof peace of mind as the silver cap holds securely over pump with locking ridges. A travel spray bottle that that's spill proof and will not clog.
  • BPA FREE FDA APPROVED BEAUTY SPRAY BOTTLE: essential oil spray bottle, organic beauty products, homemade cleaners and aromatherapy misting sprayers are ideal for face toner, vitamin misting, hairspray, perfume, cologne and body mist and great for a garden spray mist

5 out of 5 star rating for MoYo Natural Labs Elegant Silver Caps and Spray Travel Bottle Set. Hdpe travel sprayer bottle is tsa approved, bpa free and made in the USA.

Hdpe travel size bottles are built to be re-used often, resisting rot and other chemicals. HDPE creates no harmful emissions during its production or during use

Made in the USA 2 oz (59 ml) these squeezable, refillable, leak proof spray bottles are TSA Approved with a secure flip cap that has also been approved as tsa travel sized containers and essential oil spray bottles .

Made of hdpe #2 plastic that's designed to last, our travel bottles are perfect for all of your liquid toiletries, essential oil and beauty cosmetics.

The benefits of HDPE Plastic:

  • Hdpe airplane approved travel sized mist bottles meet the TSA guidelines for carry on spray mist travel.
  • Feel safe and secure with reusing your Small Spray Bottles over a long period of time.
  • Large neck making it easy to fill the bottle.
  • Leak Proof design prevents wasting any of your valuable toiletries.
  • Perfect for all of your toiletry, cosmetics, essential oil, food or liquid items that you wish to carry on the plane.
  • OUR PROMISE! If these reusable spray bottles from MoYo Natural Labs become compromised or leak in the first year, we'll replace your essential oils spray bottles, even if it is your fault. We're that confident that you'll love your new travel size containers and will continue to use MoYo hdpe plastic travel spray containers for many reasons - Air freshener Acetone Rubbing Alcohol Hydrogen Peroxide Oils Paint Alcohol ink Windex Bleach Cleaning Solutions Insect repellent Toner Makeup Sprays Hairspray Fragrances.

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  • Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 5.6 x 1.7 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • ASIN: B01C68RWRW
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