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Plastic Perfume Bottles

Although the plastic perfume bottle is not widely used in the perfume packaging industry, it has numerous advantages over other perfume bottles. For starters, plastic perfume spray bottles are less expensive than metal, crystal, and glass bottles, which is appealing to small and medium-sized perfume packaging companies. Second, transportation is difficult to disrupt. Finally, the blow molding process permits plastic perfume bottles to have a wider range of look styles.

Guidelines for plastic perfume bottles

The plastic perfume bottles should be durable and attractive. Round, square, oval, and other forms are the most prevalent plastic bottle shapes. Although the egg-shaped plastic perfume bottle is durable, the mold's production costs are considerable. In addition to choosing a high-strength material, the shape design of the plastic perfume bottle can be taken into account to improve load-bearing strength and stiffness. Additional features, such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-clogging, spray, and so on, can be added to the sealing device while manufacturing the bottle. The plastic bottle should be user-friendly from the standpoint of convenience, and empty plastic perfume bottles should be recycled after the content is finished.

Glass perfume bottles have incredible sealing capabilities and stable chemical properties. It's perfect for perfume packaging because the high-grade raw material ensures the scent's quality for a lengthy period; however, the plastic perfume bottle has excellent permeability, sealability, and transparency. It's ideal for keeping cosmetics and skincare products that aren't too harsh.



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