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Plastic Lotion Bottles

Refillable lotion pump bottles safeguard your creams, lotions, moisturizers, soaps, and sanitizers from damage. Lotion pump closures are ideal for dispensing your product and come in various colors: white, black, gold, and silver. They filter harmful UV rays that might damage your cream when stored away, keeping it fresher for longer.

The Lotion Pump

A lotion pump works similarly to an air suction device, drawing the liquid from the bottle to the consumer's hand despite the law of gravity. A pump on the closing can be depressed to evacuate lotions, sanitizers, and other products.

Recycling Lotion Bottles

Lotion bottles are available in a wide range of colors, forms, and patterns. When they're empty, what do you do with them? Here are a few terrific ways to recycle them after you've entirely cleaned them:

  • Planters and Make-Up or Pencil Cups: 

The same design could be used to store make-up brushes or eyeliner pencils. It would also make a good teacher present for youngsters to construct a pencil cup.

  • Feeder for birds

Birds will flock to your backyard or patio if you hang these adorable lotion bottle bird feeders. These bird feeders are simple to create and decorate and will bring a unique touch to your home.

  • Cups for Paint Brushes

After you've finished painting all of your repurposed lotion bottles, soak your paint brushes in one of them.

  • Over the Sink Sponge Caddy

This craft will give you a caddy so that you never have to look for your soap and sponge again by cutting the lotion bottle and bending it over your sink.



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