What Makes The Perfect Travel Bottle?

What Makes The Perfect Travel Bottle?

What Makes The Perfect Travel Bottle?


Six Benefits of 3.4oz Travel Bottles

  1. Plastic is BPA free and FDA Approved (important for liquids), Plastic residues can leak inside if not a certified plastic – many are not. The result; nasty tasting liquids, dangerous toxins, not to mention frustration. Most bottles on the market, literally miss the target, exposing chemicals rather than offering a Made in the USA BPA free empty travel bottle.
  2. Made in the USA and  LARGER than typical 3oz or 2oz bottles. 
  3. Colored Twist on Flip Caps help differentiate between foods, lotions, and liquids!
  4. No Leak Flip Caps Stay Shut at 30,000 feet! Screw on flip cap bottles are leak proof. Guaranteed!
  5. TSA Compliant 3.4oz clear travel bottles are Airplane Trip Approved.
  6. 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Are Travel Bottles for Less right for you? You’ll only know once you give it a try.

Update: The awesome team at Travel Bottles for Less is extending a limited-time offer!   Get Free Shipping for orders $40 above! 

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WHY TRY 3.4oz Travel Bottles For Less

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